Greetings from Irving the giant lizard.

Today we’re gonna talk about music because, yes, this is a blog about film. I thought that since music and film are so intertwined I should do my best to relate this subject back to film. After all some of the most cinematic moments in film history is when music is utilized to its fullest potential. Before I move on to discussing the influence of Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in The Wind” on Bon Iver’s “The Wolves” I’m gonna give you an example of the power of music in film.

“Rise of the Valkyries” – Apocalypse Now

“Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen) – Wayne’s World

“Stuck in the Middle With You” (Stealers Wheel) – Reservoir Dogs

Granted these movies are a little older, but it’s these scenes that have stood the test of time partially because of a great use of music. It makes a giant lizard very happy.

Bob Dylan – Blowing in the wind

Bon Iver – The Wolves

Bob Dylan is the king of folk music. His music often had a political message. The lyrics in this song takes a little time to interpret their meaning. Nothing has an overt meaning in the song. Granted, it wont take you days of contemplating to understand the meaning, but it’s important that it makes you think. The song also has an enveloping quality to it. Bob Dylan makes use of his voice and two instruments in the song. This is very minimalist considering today’s music with a thousand different things coming at you. I believe its the effective use of these instruments and his voice that creates that enveloping quality.

Bon Iver is an American indie folk band that has ten members. They’ve been a band since 2007. I found this song by watching the film “The Place Beyond the Pines”. This song plays right at the end and it’s very powerful. This song (The Wolves) has that same atmospheric quality to it that envelopes you. It also is very minimalist with only a few things going on at the same time. The lyrics in this song take the same amount of contemplation before you can discover their meaning.

An important difference between Bob Dylan and the band Bon Iver is that one is a single man and the other is a ten person band. Also there is a small rock influence on Bon Iver. The styles are very similar. However, because Bon Iver is a band they utilize a lot more instruments then Bob Dylan. Bon Iver is also a lot less politically charged. Their songs require interpretation, but they’re not calls to action. I think Bon Iver is different in this way because they’re not trying to communicate a strong message, but rather they’re reaching for a very unique style of music.

Irving the giant lizard signing off. Have a great day and the next time your watching a movies, listen to the music.


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