I’m a happy giant lizard today, why? Because today I get to write about a subject related to film.

The SModcast is a weekly podcast with hosts Kevin Smith and Scott Moiser. Kevin Smith is a filmmaker who has made 10 feature films beginning with the 1994 independent film hit, “Clerks.” Smith is still making films today and hosts/produces the TV show “Comic Book Men”. Scot Moiser is a producer, writer, and actor. Moiser has primarily acted in Smith’s films, but recently did some voice acting for the animated film “Free Birds”. Moiser has also produced many films, primarily films Smith has directed, or documentary films.

SModcast is an hour long podcast where hosts Kevin Smith and Scott Moiser talk about anything. However, since they’re both involved in the film industry and both love films, they tend to stick with that topic. In two recent episodes Smith and Moiser talk about the debut of their first film “Clerks” at the Sundance Film Festival. The Smodcast is not a just a discussion of film between two old best friends though. It is very funny and meant to be so. Smith and Moiser’s humor is incredible, always dark and twisted they seem to spend half of every episode laughing at each other’s jokes. The SModcast wasn’t started for any specific reason, but Smith and Moiser have managed to grow quite the following and know have their own internet radio network, consisting primarily of podcasts, that is run on the SModcast website.

It wouldn’t be hard to argue that Kevin Smith is the filmmaker with the strongest internet presence. He has had a website almost since the birth of the world wide web where he talks to fans about his films and everything else. Overtime his website has evolved and now he has a strong multimedia presence. However, at least for this giant lizard, the strongest thing Kevin Smith has to offer on the web is the SModcast.

Kevin Smith is a great talker and has made some very entertaining films. SModcast is a great podcast that allows his fans to enjoy and connect with the man unlike what they would be able to do with other filmmakers they admire.

That’s the rundown on the SModcast from the perspective of this giant lizard.

-Irving the giant lizard


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