Advertising in Cinema – The Movie Trailer


The movie trailer is one of two key pieces of movie advertising. The other is the movie poster. Trailers are played before other movies at the theater, online, and on TV. They’re fairly influential when it comes to people deciding what movie their going to see.

The trailer above is for the movie “Knights of Badassdom”. This movie is obviously a comedy. It looks like something that is a mix between “Revenge of the Nerds” and creature horror film. The film features some pretty popular actors like Peter Dinklage from “Game of Thrones”, Danny Pudi from “Community”, and the great character actor Jimmi Simpson. The film revolves around a LARP, which stands for live action role playing. Two friends have kidnapped their other friend and force him to partake in the game. He agrees and they begin to make friends and enemies. In the trailer one of the friends draws a pentagram on the floor and recites a spell. A demon gets summoned by complete accident and the rest of the movie, as described by the trailer, looks like the gang of friends fighting the demon in hilarious ways. 

Watching the trailer I see two repeated elements. One is the grand battle. The movie is obviously going to involve a giant battle and probably towards the end. The trailer is trying to get the audience to come to see what looks like ridiculously fun action. The second thing I see are plenty of attractive women. Not that this is a bad thing, but this would not actually happen at a real LARP. There’s obviously a little bit of sex being sold in the trailer as well. Even the demon seems to be the corpse of an attractive women. This wouldn’t be to irritating, but a women spoke once in the entire trailer. Just once, so why were there so many attractive women featured in the trailer? The trailer uses these patterns because it knows it will work. This trailer will more than likely get people in seats watching their movie. The horror elements are there as well, but it’s hard for me to tell if the movie will actually be horrifying at times or just comedic.

The whole trailer is selling an escape from your boring life. It’s an adventure. It promises to delight. The company that made this film, Entertainmentone, has made this trailer so that you’ll spend money on the movie.

I believe that this trailer is actually pretty good. After analyzing it, I have my issues, but overall I really want to see the movie now. This means it worked and I imagine it worked on others as well. Probably men ages 16-30 from the content and concept of the trailer. The trailer gets across exactly what the movie is and that’s helpful in deciding if you want to see it.

As stated above, the trailer wants me to spend money on the movie and I’m willing to do that. This is because I think it looks like a fun movie.

-Irving the giant lizard


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