My name is Irving.

Actually, that’s not true, but I’m not allowed to share my real name with you. Why?-you ask? I’ve made this blog as a part of my journalism class in collage and students are not allowed to share their true identities on their blogs. Do not worry; I have taken on the fake identity of Irving the giant lizard.

From this moment forward you can refer to me as Irving the giant lizard . I’m a 18 year old man (if giant lizards can be men) and I currently take classes at my local community collage. This is in pursuit of a liberal arts associates degree. After I receive this I would like to transfer to a film school.

Growing up as a giant lizard I have had some interests: books, video games, and film are among them. The commonality among these subjects is that they all have to do with stories. I love stories of all types.

In this blog I will focus on film journalism. I have had a love of cinema for a very long time and follow film industry news on a daily basis.

Seeing that I have taken on the persona of a giant lizard you can see film journalism as a giant metropolis; I will walk in, and in typical giant lizard form, began to smash buildings. Each building is an article, story, etc. that I will analyze. The quality and content of film journalism is the subject of this blog.

Like I stated previously I read film journalism sources multiple times a day. I check them so often that sometimes I find that nothing new has been reported. When this happens I exhale fire from my nostrils in typical giant lizard fashion. This is a list of the sites I enjoy and use the most.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to my blog.

-Have a good day


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